Call for Scores

Nonsemble at the Box

Nonsemble is a 7-piece chamber ensemble featuring a string quartet, piano, guitar and percussion. We perform music that blurs the boundaries of classical, rock, pop, and electronic music.

We are looking for new tunes to play which fit our post-modern aesthetic. We love all kinds of music, especially stuff that is challenging and innovative, but not alienating to the uninitiated. Our repertoire tends to be mainly rhythmic and tonal, but we’re open to anything that moves and excites us, and will capture and inspire our diverse audience. If you write music like that, we’d like to play it.

Pieces that involve electronics or visual projections are welcome.
Durations between 3 and 10 minutes are preferred.
Augmented instrumentation is accepted, within reason.

If your piece is shortlisted, you’ll be welcome to come and join us in rehearsal and listen to a reading of your piece. If it goes well, we will perform it in our 2014 season.

Please send your score and parts, plus an audio demo (if possible) to by 15 January 2014.

See examples of what we do at, or search for us on YouTube.

If you have any questions, please contact


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