Nonsemble team up with Bigo and Twigetti

Nonsemble have teamed up with London-based label bigo & twigetti for a 2015 release of Go Seigen vs. Fujisawa Kuranosuke! We’ll be releasing a single from the larger release called “Go Part 3c” on November 3rd. If you get in early, you’ll also get a limited edition A3 poster featuring beautiful Japanese brushwork by Naoya Kobayashi. The single itself is a little cut from the third movement of Go, a post-rock-esque build-up of driving drums and interweaving strings. It’s accompanied on the B side by a brooding Meeksounds remix of Practical Mechanics Movement II, from our 2012 release.


If you want to know why we were so keen to work with these guys, treat your ears to some of their roster; Jim PerkinsLeah KardosEmby Alexander, Madeleine Cocolas and the many other artists on the label are all exceptional. We feel honoured to be in such top-quality company! 

Here we are celebrating our new friendship in the classiest way possible:


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