Nonsemble and Friends present QLD premiere of Reich’s Radio Rewrite

Last weekend we were part of the Dots+Loops event at The Triffid, teaming up with some good friends to perform a work by one of our favourite composers, inspired by one of our favourite rock bands. Steve Reich has always been a huge inspiration for our sound, but until recently we hadn’t yet embarked on the task of playing his works. This is at least partly due to our strange instrument line-up, which is rarely written for except by us ourselves. But Reich’s Radio Rewrite, written in 2012, really appealed to us. The piece takes materials from two Radiohead songs – Jigsaw Falling into Place, and Everything in its Right Place. We in Nonsemble are big Radiohead head fans; our arrangement of Weird Fishes/Arpeggi is a favourite of ours to play live. Our violist Kieran curates the Dots+Loops concert series, and organised a show with Rewrite at its curatorial core. Kieran assembled an expanded Nonsemble force to bring the new Reich work to life, accompanied on the bill by two Bryce Dessner quartets and a piece by local legend Robert Davidson. The incredible Triffid venue, converted from a disused commercial hangar, provided the perfect setting. Never before have beer, aluminium, and post-millenial minimalist music existed in such perfect harmony. Enormous thanks goes out to the venue and everyone who played and helped out. Below are some photos from the night captured by Idam Adam (

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