Nonsemble release Go Seigen vs. Fujisawa Kuranosuke

After almost two years in the making, we’re proud to announce the release of our second album, Go Seigen vs. Fujisawa Kuranosuke.

Composed by Chris Perren especially for Nonsemble, Go Seigen vs. Fujisawa Kuranosuke is a 30 minute work that uses the moves of 1953 championship game of Go as stimulus for harmonic, rhythmic and melodic material. However, it could have been any game, as Chris explains:

“People often ask about the Go game and how it possibly could be translated to music. An important point that I sometimes find difficult to explain is that the game wasn’t all that important really. It really could have been any game. It’s not like I believe there was some mystical aesthetic beauty locked in the numbers which I just had to decode. What the game held was a wealth of interesting abstract patterns, and manipulating interesting abstract patterns is sort of how I come at music.

So rather than decoding those patterns directly into music, what I was really trying to do was throw them into the pond of my mind and see what ripples they made. If something interesting emerged, I kept it. Once I had that material it was much like any compositional process – using a mix of skills, logic, and intuition to develop those formal abstractions into something musically satisfying.”

We’d like to especially thank Thomas Green for his fantastic production skills, Naoya Kobayashi for the calligraphy that graces the cover, and bigo & twigetti for releasing the album.

You can buy the album now on iTunesBandcamp and Amazon, and stream on Spotify and Soundcloud.

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