Nonsemble haiku anthology


Recently we invited you all to get contemplative, and pen a haiku for us. The results were so sublime that we thought we should document a selection here.

There were a few categories of responses… Let’s start at the comical end of the spectrum:

Hey, those stringy bits
Heart-breaky, comfort aaand hard!
To count: not in four
– Rohin Power

It’s the nonsembles!
Instrumental ensemble
But not, ay lmao
– Benjamin Fitzpatrick

Those Nonsemble Prats:
Exploiting Ancient Artforms
Just To Self-Promote.
– Matthew O’Neill

Promote art music
In order to make money
Ha ha ha, Winter
– Jim Perkins

A non-de-plume? nope
Non-existential plane? nope
– Robert Zosars

I should know Haiku
Being a Japanese person
There goes syllables
– Hik Sugimoto (Nonsemble drummer)

There were also many earnest souls who took the task a little more seriously:

The soft solitude 
Of quiet songs heard alone
Joins us together
– Matthew O’Neill

Two go prodigies
Sonic adventurousness
Nonsemble’s epic
– ensemble, et al.

Assemble the songs
Resemble the space between
Ears hearts and non things
– Luke Jaaniste

Fallen just as leaves,
I pick up the pieces now;
Music and time helps.
– Connor D’Netto

Line of illusion 
The air erupts with silence
Then sweet melody 
– Delia Bartle

Dubious avails-
Irrespective of the dark
My heart shines sunward
– @crookedhotel on Instagram

Others employed the ancient poetic form to make demands of us. Fair enough I guess; there are certainly less polite ways of getting what you want:

White dancing record
Put seigen on vinyl, jerks
Sleet on a turntable
– Shem Allen

Rain in sydney
Sun in brisvegas
Come down and play: anyway
– Jochen Gutsch/ Hinterlandt

Concert music sucks
You should play us a banger
Do it Nonsemble
– Callum Kennedy

Our violinist Flora captured the essence of a Nonsemble Rehearsal:

Smitch wears his chinos
Flora or B bring baked goods
Sam Andrews is late
-Flora Wong

And finally, a selection of clever plays on the kinds of minimalist rhythms we are so fond of over here at Nonsemble:

My name is Philip
Glass my name is Philip Glass
My name is Philip
– Bri Louwen

Go Seigen versus
Fujisawa Kurano-
-suke (Nonsemble)
– Bronwyn Mitchell

i-so-rhy-thm i-
so-rhy-thm i-so-rhy-thm
Nonsemble time hack.
– Briony Luttrell (Nonsemble Cellist)

Being in Nonsem-
ble makes you good at some things 
We are good at counting
– Sam Mitchell (Nonsemble Pianist)

Thanks so much to everyone who contributed!

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