Spaceship Earth: Beginning Countdown to Launch


We are releasing our next EP, entitled Spaceship Earth, on March 24 via Bigo and Twigetti.

This one has been a long time in the making. 3 years of development and over a year of production, distilled into 5 songs that we can’t wait for you to hear.

Unlike our previous instrumental releases, Spaceship Earth is a collection of songs with words – a song cycle, perhaps – underpinned by typically Nonsemble-esque detailed chamber arrangements. We’ve enlisted some of our friends whose voices we are in love with to sing these songs for us.

You can stream the track Somnambulists, and pre-order your copy from bandcamp right now.

We can’t let you hear the rest of it just yet, but here’s what it looks like:

01. Trucksea
featuring Dean McGrath (Hungry Kids of Hungary, ROLLS BAYCE)
02. Unkind
featuring Amela Duheric (Malo Zima, Amela)
03. Bricks
featuring Shem Allen (Skinny Jean)
04. Sovereign Murders
featuring Cameron Bower (Big Dead)
05. Somnambulists
featuring Mel Tickle (Little Scout, Pynes) and Shem Allen

We owe an enormous thank you to many people for helping us pull this thing together, and doubtless we will issue many thank yous in the in months to come. But for now, we’d just like to express some serious appreciation to Jim Perkins and the crew at Bigo and Twigetti for their hard work, to Shaun Moriarty for his glorious artwork, to our friends Dean, Amela, Shem, Cam and Mel, whose amazing voices truly set these songs alight, and to Tom Green, UQ Music, and Steve Bartlett for their valuable help in the production process.

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