CULTS EP Launch at Brisbane Powerhouse


Sunday, May 14 at 3:30 PM
119 Lamington St, New Farm, Queensland, Australia 4005

The last five years have taken us a lot of different places with Nonsemble, in between highbrow art music releases praised by New York classical tastemakers and neato pop songs hailed “some of the most immediate and inviting indie-pop”, we’ve also live-scored films, played in 2-hour immersions of ambient improvisation, performed at art galleries, warehouses, gardens, and pubs.

For our newest foray, we chose five pop* songs that are dear to our hearts, rearranged and reinterpreted them in our own way, travelled to Hobart to record them with Dave Carter, and teamed up with SUGARRUSH records to release them under the title “CULTS”.

CULTS puts the music of Sufjan Stevens, Kate Bush, and others through the rinse cycle of Nonsemble’s indie-classical post-minimalist sensibilities. The result is a nuanced set of beautifully captured arrangements in which string quartet and piano playfully throw around familiar melodies and new mutations on a backdrop of bass and drums, shedding new light on some old cult classics.

We are celebrating this release with a free Sunday afternoon performance at Livespark at Brisbane Powerhouse. Come and enjoy a relaxing afternoon of music by the river.

*The term pop is used loosely

Album artwork by rumoko

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