Dots+Loops Compulsion

We are super excited to be playing at this awesome upcoming concert! With a slightly adjusted line-up – Hik and Chris are taking the night off, and we are joined by percussionists Anna Kho and Jamee Seeto – we are tackling Robert Davidson’s action-packed “Above Ground”. It’s an amazing piece and we’re having a great time pulling it together in the rehearsal room.

Also on the night, the mega-exciting appearance of David T Little and Eileen Mack from US indie-classical giants, Newspeak! An ensemble of exceptional local virtuosos will join them in performing a selection of David T Little’s compositions. Little and Newspeak were a massive inspiration for me, especially in the early years of Nonsemble, and it’s such a treat to get to see this music in my hometown.

Melbourne’s Solstice Trio are also coming all the way up to play some beautiful local and international new music.

Details are pasted below.



Friday, May 19 at 7 PM
Lightspace Brisbane
30 Light St Fortitude Valley, Brisbane, Queensland, Australia 4006

• Dots+Loops Ensemble •
Performing music from Newspeak by David T. Little (Aus exclusive)

• Nonsemble + friends •
Robert Davidson “Above Ground”

• Solstice Trio •
Pascal Le Boeuf “Obliquely Wrecked”
Xani Kolac “Miniatures”
Maja Puseljic “Piano Quartet No. 1”

• Software of Seagulls (DJ set) •


Neither a classical concert or a club gig, Dots+Loops explores the spaces in between. Combining cutting-edge international talent with Australia’s new generation of local stars, Dots+Loops Compulsion features an Australia-first set of music written for New York’s Newspeak, local indie-chamber heroes Nonsemble + friends, Melbourne’s Solstice Trio for their first QLD performance, and a special Software of Seagulls DJ set to end the night.

Held in the relaxed, beautifully converted warehouse space at Lightspace Brisbane, there’s a bar open all night, and a bunch of comfy spaces to chill out with friends and enjoy the bangin’ tunes.

$23 at, or $25 on the door


Dots+Loops Ensemble perform music from Newspeak by David T. Little
Eileen Mack (Newspeak clarinetist), Lotte Betts-Dean (soprano), Yena Choi (violin), Gemma Tomlinson (cello), Joe Fallon (e guitar), Alex Ranieri (piano), Sam Pankhurst (drums), Vanessa Tomlinson (vibes).

Nonsemble + friends
Flora Wong, Sam Andrews, Kieran Welch, Briony Luttrell and Cara Tran, plus special guests Anna Kho Music and Jamee Seeto.

Solstice Trio
Georgina Lewis, Stephanie Arnold and Natasha Conrau.

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