Nonsemble Play Jungle Love & Release Weird Fishes Video

It’s been a quiet year for Brisbane’s indie-classical septet, as Nonsemble makes room for its members’ own flourishing projects; Kieran Welch’s Dots+Loops concert series has gone national, Flora Wong has launched her unique Hidden Dome project, Chris Perren’s compositions have seen local and international premieres, Briony Luttrell is now a Doctor, and numerous other bands and ensembles have benefitted from a bit of Nonsemble downtime.

But the team will reassemble this November for the exceptional Jungle Love Festival. Currently in its 5th year, Jungle Love is a festival founded on music, community, and inclusivity, and is “one of the best boutique festivals on offer around the country” (according to Purple Sneakers). Nonsemble will be heading up to the picturesque forest location and delivering old favourites alongside brand new compositions to the Jungle Love crowds. 

Also amongst the lineup, you can catch Nonsemble Strings slaying it on stage with the Jungle Love Allstars Live Tribute to Justice, drummer Hik Sugimoto’s post-rock band Molecules to Minds, and Chris Perren’s solo electronica project, Software of Seagulls.

In the meantime, they are proud to release a brand new video for their arrangement of Radiohead’s Weird Fishes/Arpeggi, a highlight track from last year’s CULTS EP through Sugarrush Records. The new animated video takes you on a journey to the murky depths and back again in perfect synchrony with the driving grooves and winding ostinati of this chamber re-interpretation of a Radiohead classic.

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