Nonsemble Pop-Up Performances at GoMA

We have had the wonderful privilege of filling GoMA’s galleries with sound during the Margaret Olley and Ben Quilty exhibitions. The curators asked us for music that responds to the artworks, so we’ve created brand new compositions inspired by the art.

For these shows we are working as a five-piece ensemble with string quartet and electronics, with live signals from the strings fed into the electronics for processing and manipulation.


Inside the “Margaret Olley: A Generous Life” Exhibition. Photo by Chris Wardle.

For the Margaret Olley exhibition, Chris Perren has written a work which evokes the stillness, blooms and shadows of Olley’s prolific painting. Olley was known to paint with ABC Classic FM on in the background, and this new work imagines fragments of classical radio filtered through a hazy dream.


Inside the Quilty Exhibition. Photo by Chris Wardle.

Amongst Ben Quilty’s work, we present a brand new work by our cellist Briony Luttrell, which explores texture and shape inspired by Quilty’s unique painting style. Quilty’s famous mirrored “Rorschach” paintings also influenced the composition, as Luttrell mirrors her musical materials in forward and then in reverse.


In front of James Turrell’s “Night Life 2018”. Photo by Chris Wardle.

During the gallery’s “Up Late” events, we’re also performing at the gallery entrance, silhouetted against James Turrell’s monumental “Night Life 2018”. Chris Perren’s glacial ambient composition imitates the slowly shifting hues of Turrell’s light panels.

Check out the GoMA Website for details on upcoming pop-up performances.

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